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October 2012                                                   

Critically Acclaimed Director Luis Argueta on
Educational Tour For His Film abUSed: The Postville Raid &
His Up-Coming Documentary The U-turn

This fall, Luis Argueta, award winning director of The Silence of Neto, will continue touring colleges, high schools, faith-based and community groups, as well as immigration and labor conferences, to present his documentary abUSed: The Postville Raid and his upcoming project The U-Turn.

abUSed: The Postville Raid weaves together the personal stories of those directly affected by the largest, most brutal and expensive Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid in the history of the United States. The documentary presents the human face of immigration, the socioeconomic forces that fuel it, and serves as a cautionary tale against government abuses.

The Postville raid resulted in the separation of families, the traumatization of children, and the devastation of communities. Today, silent raids and the criminalization of immigrants, even for the most minor offenses, produce these same effects. Every day we have the equivalent of three Postvilles as 1,086 people are deported 365 days a year.

David W. Leopold, former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association says the film “is an important messenger of the truth.  It eloquently tells the story of the people of Postville, and their suffering at the hands of a broken immigration system…(and) will provide millions of people with a disturbing picture of the dark side of American Justice; a system that has victimized so many good people.”

The story of the Postville raid is not just about immigration, but how the rule of law was neglected, how the Constitution was trampled, how due process was overlooked and how the rights of immigrant workers were cast aside.

Argueta’s new documentary, The U-Turn, illustrates the transformational journey of a group of immigrant families and of the individuals and communities who supported them after the Postville raid. The film showcases the U visa, an immigration relief in much need of dissemination among, and understanding by, immigrants, immigration rights-advocates and law-enforcement.  

Mr. Argueta has presented at a variety of forums including, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Northern Iowa, The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and Loyola University in Chicago, CUNY Law School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Cornell University, the University of Michigan, The University of Arizona; The 1st. and 2nd Continental Forums on Migration and Peace in Guatemala and Colombia; fourteen international film festivals, and the OIM/CMS Conference on Irregular Migration for the UN Permanent delegates in NYC.

Presentations include an introductory talk by Mr. Argueta, a screening of segments of the film or the complete film, and a Q&A session. To view the trailer please visit:

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