“I would like to thank you for joining us at the briefing entitled, “The Aftermath of the Postville, Iowa Raid.” Your participation was instrumental in making this event a great success and… your video further demonstrated the struggles that the families face…It was important for the audience to hear directly from the members of the Postville community affected by the raid. I look forward to continue working with you to bring awareness about the impacts of workplace raids on our families and communities.”
Hilda L. Solis
Member of Congress
32nd District of California
September 30,2008
Presently: Secretary of Labor

"abUSed" is an insightful and moving account of the tragic human implications of misguided immigration policy.  In communities as well as on campuses, it provokes engaged discussions about exclusion and inclusion, and ultimately also a deeper understanding of the realities and the mutual benefits associated with migration.  

James Loucky,
Professor of Anthropology
Western Washington University

“abUSed: The Postville Raid, is extremely important pedagogically as it gives students an opportunity to learn about the devastating social consequences that US immigration policies and practices have on undocumented migrants working under abusive conditions in the factories and fields in heartland of the United States.”
Linda Green
Director, Center for Latin American Studies
University of Arizona

“Luis, ... your film is an important messenger of the truth.  It eloquently tells the story of the people of Postville, and their suffering at the hands of a broken immigration system. I showed the film on the first night of my immigration class this year.  The students were riveted.

David Leopold
President American Immigration Lawyers of America

“Luis and Vivian, thank you so much for all that you are doing to make sure that the Postville story is told worldwide. Recently I was in Des Moines, Iowa for a presentation about Postville.  The immigration workshop was sponsored by an Interfaith Alliance. Sol Varisco (Program Coordinator, Migration and Refugee Services, Catholic Charities) directed one of the workshops and introduced…a six-minute clip from your documentary. It was the first time I had seen any of your work.  It is so well done.  Needless to say…I cried!  I support your future work and know that your completed documentary will have a great influence on our hope for change in the immigration policy.”

Sister Mary McCauley
Pastoral Administrator, retired
St. Bridget’s Church, Postville, Iowa
10 November 2008

“Luis, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you’re doing, with us and others.  I heard nothing but praise for you and the film yesterday, all day.  I think this is definitely a moment where we can educate union leaders and members about what the broken immigration system is really all about.”
Ana Avendaño
Assistant to the President and Director of Immigration
and Community Action

“Luis, Thank you!  Your film reaches people in a way nothing Ana or I do can.  You've “loosened the ground" for us, so to speak.  I too look forward to continuing to work together!
Devon Whiham
AFL-CIO Assistant Training Coordinator
Field Department

“Excellent, both a serious intellectual exploration and an inspiration!”
Bruce Calder
Department of History
University of Illinois at Chicago

 “The story of Postville will open your eyes and shake your deepest human and patriotic convictions.  It is at once an epic story of survival, hope, and humble aspirations, of triumph, defeat, and rebirth.  You will see the profound personal sacrifice of dozens of simple parents, toiling to secure a dignified future for their children, tragically fall prey to a secular injustice, and yet rise as a living and enduring testament to the human spirit.  This is the story of a Heartland town struggling to survive and keep together its multiethnic fabric against the arbitrary shredder in the blades of prejudice and globalization.  It is the spectacle of the world’s most powerful government crushing the lives of the most humble and destitute.  But it is also the momentous history of a community and a nation rising together to reclaim its democratic values, its humanistic spirit, and its rightful place in the community of nations, as the last champion of liberty. At every corner of this moral saga was the unblinking lens of Guatemalan-American filmmaker Luis Argueta. Thanks to his vision the silenced masses now have a voice, and the epicenter in the most crucial social struggle of our generation, finally, has an all-too-human face.”
Erik Camayd-Freixas
Certified Federal Interpreter
Postville, Iowa Hearings
10 December 2008

“The film is powerful and shocking... it raises important issues about labor rights, child labor, immigration policy and assembly line (in)justice as well as about the good people in this small town who united to support the families left behind. “
Judy Ancel, Director
The Institute for Labor Studies
The University of Missouri-Kansas City

It kind of blows me away how immediate (the film) is to this place; but it’s really the story of our whole nation, and the world. We sometimes don’t realize that (the raid and its aftermath) is a profound event in history.”
Rachel Vagts, archivist for Luther College
and coordinator of the college’s “Postville Project”

“It really is a phenomenal piece of work.  I don’t think I’ve ever really seen anything that so fully exposes the injustices and lack of due process facing immigrants.”
Karen Kaminsky,
Deputy Executive Director
The New York Immigration Coalition

“The editing and storyline left me breathless.”
Juan Pedroza
Research Associate
Center on Labor, Human Services and Population
The Urban Institute

“Luis Argueta’s documentary, abUSed:  The Postville Raid, is a poignant illustration of the human fall-out of some U.S. immigration actions. The lives of immigrants—undocumented and documented—and Postville natives will never be the same after the immigration 2008 raid of Agriprocessors, Inc., a kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. In classroom screenings of abUSed, students have expressed dismay at employer abuse and government missteps, but have said they remain hopeful after seeing the ways in which the town of Postville rallied to help the immigrants and their families.”

Susan Berger
Professor Political Science
Fordham University

“Your presentations in Ithaca were outstanding! I have heard from professors whose students attended the IC event that your film and discussion tranformed their understanding of the issues concerning immigrants in profound ways.”
Profesor Beth Harris
Polítics and Indigenous Studies
Ithaca College, NY

“The catastrophic impact of military-style raids in communities throughout the nation is nowhere more evident than in Postville, Iowa. As one of the many articles written about Postville this summer stated, “the desperate need for immigration reform needs a face, and that face might well be in Postville, Iowa.”  Those of us at the core of the Postville Relief Effort have been grateful for the people in the media who have come to help reveal what has happened here… no one has been better suited, had more access, or been more committed to telling the whole story than filmmaker Luis Argueta. From his very first visit to the Postville, Mr. Argueta’s connection to the families who were affected in the raid opened up a way for their very painful stories to be heard.  Through his genuine and committed approach, Mr. Argueta gained the confidence of recent immigrants, long-term residents, relief effort volunteers, and even those who since the raid have followed the path of earlier immigrants in their search for a better future.  Because of his background and first hand knowledge of the economic and social forces that lead to migrations, particularly from Guatemala, Mr. Argueta understands the contours of the larger story that must be articulated.  Whether it is passionately making a historical record of the contributions of these committed immigrants to the community they came to call home, or quietly creating the space for their painful stories to be heard, Mr. Argueta and Vivian Rivas, his filmmaker partner, have been restless in gathering the most comprehensive look at one town’s story—a story that truly puts a face on a nation’s dilemma.”
David Vásquez, Campus Pastor
Luther College
Postville Relief Effort
October 3,  2008

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