A sold out crowd of 240 people at the Jacob Burns Center in Pleasantville, NY applauded abUSed: The Postville Raid. Director/ Producer Luis Argueta, Stephen Apkon, Executive Director of the Jacob Burns Film Center, and Carola Bracco, Executive Director of Neighbors Link held a lively discussion and entertained questions and comments from the audience.
Among the attendees was Donald Baraf, a motion picture entertainment lawyer, who said
"Your sensitive and searing documentary about employment abuses, immigration problems and ICE thuggery is Capraesque.
We are taken to Iowa, to find a small multi ethnic community, an evil company town company, and a host of Capra characters including, a committed and benevolent nun, a repentant federal judge who sentenced approximately 400 workers to 5 months in federal prison and deportation, an honest and brave interpreter, a local immigration lawyer who managed to legalize the status of approximately 40 families with a little known U visa and a host of latino families both in Iowa and Guatemala.
The only problem with the Capra analogy is that the happy ending hasn’t been written yet.
Hopefully the film is another step toward alerting the public that some kind of sensitive and equitable legislative change needs to be enacted now.
Thanks for showing us the movie the Burns last night and for joining us in our post screening social rehab

Luis Argueta's answer was, "from your lips to G-d and our legislator's ears."

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