World premiere of Spanish version of abUSed: The Postville Raid Guatemala May11, 2011

National Theatre, Guatemala City, Guatemala, May 11, 2011

From right to left: Marco Tulio Guerra (deportee). Marvin Gomez (deportee), Rosana Mejia and daughters (deportee),  Mercedes Gomez and daughter (deportee), Mardoqueo Valle Callejas (deportee), Luis Argueta (Producer/Director),  Bea Gallardo (Line Producer), Giacomo Buonafina (Sound Designer),  Jose Vasquez (DP) and  Brenda Castillo (tour coordinator).
On this historical evening, three years after the Postville raid, Guatemala began to discover the true face of its immigrants. "Luis," told me me Mardoqueo Valle Callejas "I thought nobody cared about us but today I see that I was wrong." A woman who arrived in a car driven by a chofer said to me afterwards: "This film has opened my eyes to a reality I had no idea existed. It will change many hearts and minds, Luis," she added. 
This tribute to the enduring spirit of all inmigrants was made possible by the support and solidarity of the Soros Foundation of Guatemala. Muchas gracias FSG!
Si se puede, with a lot of help from our friends!

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