Iowa Screenings were a great success and the tour continues

In 5 days we presented the film 9 times to over 2,300 people total. The screenings were very well attended and the response could not have been better. Here is a commentary by the Superintendent of the Postville Schools:

Luis, this morning my eight year old shared "I didn't like seeing that movie, dad." "Really," I said. "I mean, it was well done. I just didn't like seeing people sent away," he clarified. Later he asked, "why do people need papers to come here?" I fumbled through an answer, which obviously wasn't good enough for him because he concluded, "if people need to feed their families, they should be able to come here."

Thank you for helping Willie better understand the community in which he lives and his classmates, that include Merlin. It's difficult to find the words to express my gratitude.

Thanks Luis. I hope our paths cross again.
Ottie Maxey, Superintendent of Schools
Postville Community School District

And here are links to two articles about the screenings:

Third venue needed to handle overflow crowd for 'abUSed'

Postville documentary plays to hushed hometown crowd

After Iowa we had a screening at Brandeis University in a beautiful Cinemateque where we saw the film in its digibeta format. The audience included students and faculty members from Brandeis and Boston area colleges, and a group of guatemalan immigrants from Lynn Massachussets. They have asked that we return to show the Spanish Dubbed Version and I hope to do so soon.

Tomorrow I will take part in a panel discussion at the Law School at Yale Universtity with Professor Lucas Guttentag followed by a screening of the entire film on
Thursday evening at the same Law School (see flyer above right).

There are several presentations at exiting venues and I will keep you posted.

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