First of three screenings at Göteborg International Film Festival

Today was the first of three screenings. It was a 50 seat small theatre at 12:40 pm. We had 40 people. No one left. After a very good Q&A, Simon, my driver, a young rock Swedish musician, said "It was like no other Q&A I've seen. It really struck me that it touched a lot of people in there. They felt very emotional. There was an emotional vibe in the room. You could touch the feeling in there. I think it was really nice. You did a great job."

A Swedish woman in the audience overstayed her US visa in Sept 2001. She was arrested by border patrol in a train in Montana and sent to 3 jails before being deported 3 months later. Another man in the audience said the same thing happens in the strawberry fields in Sweden with migrants from the East.

A woman who works with Iraki immigrants said she would not be able to see anyother film, she was so shaken.

And two young women from the Milan Film Festival were in the audience and want me to send them the film for their selection committee to consider it watch it

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